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hi! new to the community...

well im 17 years old, 5'4 blue eyes and brown hair, 113 lbs. i think id like to be about 108...but i know that the number doesnt matter. last year i had some problems getting too obsessed with weight and restricting calories- i was 98 lbs and i looked horrible and felt horrible...the lack of food depressed me, i was irritable, exhausted and depressed. i hope that everyone realizes that is such a horrible path to go down.
so i think, even though i feel a lil bit chunky, im just going to eat healthfully (like 1500-1800 cals a day) and weight train to build lean body mass. hehe i actually watched the movie tomb raider and it was really inspirational, because angelina is both beautiful and strong. i admire britney for the same reason, she is strong, beautiful and not a waif!
but i cant help getting down on myself. i feel so unattractive and ugly and disgusted with my reflection sometimes. i hope this community will help me gain confidence and build inner strength and outer beauty.
thank you all! much love~~~
XOXO alison
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